A Hubble Space Telescope Of Nasa has image shows unprecedented dealis of the Antennae Galaxies, an intenese star-forming region created when two galaxies begun to collide 200 Million to 300 million years ago.

Some Names Of Galaxies

Spiral galaxies, Elliptical Galaxies,Iregular Galaxies, Spiral Galaxy NGC 1365, Spiral Galaxy M100,Milcey Way Andromeda Galaxy, Whirlpoo, Galaxy,  Messier 81, Pinwheel Galaxy, Small Magellanic Cloud

The origin of the word galaxy derives from the Greek Term.


Formation Of Galaxy


Current cosmological models of the early Universe are based on the Big Bang theory. About 300,000 years after this event, atoms of hydrogen and helium began to form, in an event called recombination. Nearly all the hydrogen was neutral (non-ionized) and readily absorbed light, and no stars had yet formed. As a result, this period has been called the “dark ages”. It was from density fluctuations (or anisotropic irregularities) in this primordial matter that larger structures began to appear. As a result, masses of baryonic matter started to condense within cold dark matter halos.[96][97] These primordial structures would eventually become the galaxies we see today.


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